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Through everyday hard work, collaboration with professional beekeepers and our experienced engineers, ''Königin'', who have continuously designed and developed new equipment and gained the trust of hobby and professional beekeepers all over Europe. ''Königin'' is a proven leader in many countries with more than a decade of experience in the manufacturing of high quality beekeeping equipment.

View our product range including our ?hobby model?, a 3-frame honey extractor, and our professional horizontal honey extracting line. With our innovative products we aim to make the beekeepers life easier but most importantly the quality of our equipment is the number one priority. Our PREMIUM STANDARD honey extractor line is the best example, with only food standard stainless steel components. The drum is made of 0.8mm steel and the cone-shaped bottom is 1mm thick. We have now established a value based pricing system, which means our pricing is based on the value delivered to the costumer. And what could be more valuable than an excellent warranty and service? To give our customers peace of mind and confidence in our equipment most of all our products come with a STANDARD 4 year?s warranty. Only the horizontal extracting line come with a STANDARD 2 year?s warranty with the option to extend  to 3 or to 4 years.